Our Academic Programs & Multi-age Classrooms

The Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan Education Campus is comprised of our Primary Program for students from ages 3 through 6 (PS3-K), our Lower Elementary Program for ages 6 through 9 (1-3 grades), our Upper Elementary Program for ages 9 through 12 (4-6 grades) and our Middle Grades program for ages 12 through 14 (7 and 8 grades).

Our classrooms are composed of students whose ages typically span 3 years. Students generally stay with the same class and teacher for those three years forging a stable learning community and meaningful bonds.

Montessori students of different ages are encouraged to work together and older students often mentor younger classmates. Younger students look up to their slightly older classmates and are intrigued with previews of the exciting lessons to come.

As students mature, they engage in self-assessment and learn to recognize, correct, and learn from their errors. Through the Montessori approach, students learn rigorous academics in a learning environment that empowers them to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly—a skill set that prepares them for the future in this century.