Primary Program

Ages 3-6
At the foundation of the Primary Program is the understanding that at three years of age, a child’s mind becomes “conscious” or aware of those things that are presented to him or her. Since the presentation must be accessible, the Montessori Primary classroom environment is a child-sized world. The outside world is incorporated meaningfully into lessons. The teacher carefully guides students to use specialized Montessori materials so that a child can explore at a level he or she is able to understand. At the Primary level, the specialized materials and curriculum center on experiences relating to practical life, sensory skills, language, math, geography, history, science, art, music, and drama.

Children learn to work independently and explore concepts deeply at their own pace. Children are given individual lessons on specific materials that explore key concepts in math and literacy, as well as other subjects. Already the universe is their mental playground. They learn early concepts in understanding the universe, basic geography and the path of human development.

In addition, students in the primary years also learn to respect and contribute to a caring learning community. Teachers model behaviors that students learn to master, such as graceful movement, speaking with inside voices, and acting with dignity and courtesy.