Middle Grades Program

Ages 12–14

The Middle Grades Program serves students in 7th and 8th grades.  In middle school, students become interested in what it means to take on adult-like roles in preparation for their lives to come. Through experiences in social organization, self-expression, academic development, and purposeful community work, the CHML middle school program implements a framework of education tailored to the these middle school developmental characteristics.

The middle school student often wonders, “Who am I? What is my role here? How may I contribute?” Through purposeful activity, the student discovers and pursues his or her unique contribution to the success of our community. CHML Middle School guides students’ social, moral, and academic development in a community of young people that are engaged, purposeful, and committed, both now, in high school, and throughout their lives.

There is emphasis on students managing their own work and on being prepared to share what they know in Socratic seminars or other group learning scenarios. We encourage peer-to-peer teaching because it solidifies understanding for both students. As the needs of the Middle School student body demand, the teachers have the flexibility to add high school level courses to what is offered.

The Montessori approach continues and is extended in our new Middle Grades Program, which features:

  • A rigorous core academic program.
  • A warm, diverse, and supportive learning community.
  • A work cycle team-based approach to the sciences and the humanities.
  • Hands on mathematics that integrates Montessori mathematics through the middle and high school curriculum.
  • Unique leadership opportunities in a small school environment.
  • STEM education through Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized STEM education program.
  • Community meals and student driven traditions.
  • Meaningful experiential learning out in our nation’s capital as an extension of the classroom.
  • Seminar and project-based learning
  • Sports and Clubs