Our Capitol Hill Montessori families are very fortunate! We benefit from an education that is most often available in only private schools. The Capitol Hill Montessori PTSO recognizes this advantage by working hard to support the school, students, teachers, and staff in helping to make up shortfalls in the DCPS budget or fund special activities for students.

Each school year, we work to raise funds for the next school year. We approach our fundraising as a public-private-parent partnership. We advocate for more public funding, write grants for private funding, and organize events and giving-drives to attract the support of our families. Finally, our teachers and parents work together at the end of the school year to determine how best to spend those funds for the next school year.  The spending is outlined in a final budget which is approved by vote at our final PTSO meeting of the year.

Our fundraising goal is $75,000.  We raise the majority of this money through grant writing, direct giving by parents through our Donation Drive, Easy Giving donations, our Annual Fall Haunted Harvest Festival, an outdoor Movie Night on the CHML parking lot, our Annual Online Auction, and an Auction Night Out.

PTSO fundraising supports our Primary, Elementary, and Middle School programs.  For example, funds raised will help provide much-needed Montessori materials for every classroom, Montessori-specific professional development for all teachers, materials for our resource and support staff, funds for our upper elementary and middle school programs to enjoy additional programming throughout the year, and after-school club support that supplements in-school student growth and development.  Unfortunately DCPS does not provide the funds we need to meet Montessori requirements. Therefore, maintaining Montessori standards and achieving our goal requires contributions from parents, families, and the broader DC community.

Imagine! These can be the results when you participate in CHM@L fundraising efforts!

  • High-Quality Montessori Materials and Classroom Furniture School Wide. Imagine! Your 3 year old child receiving indirect preparation for cubic roots through binomial cubes.
  • Outdoor Living Classroom Space. Imagine! Your 2nd grade child learning about photosynthesis in a greenhouse.
  • Digital Learning Capability and Digital Media Lab. Imagine! Your 4th grade child learning about science, technology, engineering and math through an online robotics program.
  • Middle Grades Library. Imagine! Your 7th grade child being able to do all his or her research with the school’s state of the art research resources.
  • Middle Grades Science Lab. Imagine! Your 8th grade child viewing cell structures through high-tech microscopes and learning chemical make-up with Bunsen burners.
  • Elementary Going Out Excursion Imagine! [need example from school]


Please support our fundraising efforts in any or all of the following ways. Click below to find out how you can participate today!
Annual Pledge Drive
“Easy Giving” Links
Haunted Harvest
Movie Night
Online Auction