Capitol Hill Montessori Parent-Teacher-Student Organization

The CHML PTSO is a strong partner with the school and the community. We focus on supporting the faculty, staff, parents, and, most importantly, our students. In order to be successful, we know that we must engage the support and involvement of the parents, the faculty, and students, as well as our business and community leaders.

Through the efforts of the Capitol Hill Montessori PTSO, parents have a variety of opportunities to be involved. And they are involved! They participate in regular meetings as well as special events and activities. They make donations. They volunteer to lead or support the planning and implementation of events. They become the face of Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan PTSO as they talk to partners and funders. Parents provide critical feedback to the PTSO and school about how to continuously improve.

All CHML parents are members of the Capitol Hill Montessori PTSO. There are no annual dues. We aim to achieve 100% participation of families in volunteering and giving. We encourage you to choose your individual way of becoming involved, whether by volunteering at events, attending meetings, fundraising, and/or donating at whatever level you are able.

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Contact one of the officers if you have further questions:

Elected Representatives                                                       

Todd Cochran, President                           

Laura Zehr, Vice President       

Jolie Schwartz, Secretary

Helena Smolich, Co-Treasurer                                                                   

Whitney Louchheim, Co-Treasurer                                    

Khalilah Woodland, At-Large member                                                                                                                 

Catrina Jones, At-Large member


Please use this form to request reimbursement or invoice payment from the PTSO.  Along with the completed form the PTSO will need copies of receipts and/or invoices.  This form can then either be printed and put in the PTSO mailbox in the main office or emailed to and